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Our clients

These organizations have already generated positive impact based on our scientific expertise.

Read their stories !

Michelin Group

Soft skills program tailor-made for each department of Michelin Factory at Cholet








SNCF Group

Innovation Program tailor-made for transdisciplinary employees of Lab’ Mass Transit








Groupe Bayard - Milan Presse

Educational tools development for Milan Press








“ We have called Rising up for several program and we were very impressed by the quality and the effect on our employees.”

Chantal Joie

    -     Head of Innovation

“We have learn so much things about infant development but also about us. We can't wait to continue !”

National Program

    -     Municipal nurseries

“We are very satisfied about Rising Up programs delivered on our site in Toulouse. We will continue this collaboration next year !“

Agnès Cathala

    -     Head of Editorial-Milan Press

“Rising up suceed to train on our site tailor-made program for each department of my factory but was also able to deliver specific and effectiveness guidelines for my department and my employees.”

Marine Beyrand

    -     GM- Michelin factory Cholet

“Rising up workshop allowed us to update efficiently and precisely our language elements about infant learning development. Those workshop are crucial for our team !“

Marguerite Berges

    -     Early Childhood Project Manager

“We are very glad of Rising up workshops delivered to our management board ! It was really interesting. Thanks again.”

Lucille Urquijo

    -     Training Manager

“ We are very glad of this collaboration this year, we will do it for sure next year. Our students really like it.”

Camille Broussin

    -     Pedagogical Director

“ We are satisfied of Rising up workshop: quality content and quality talks.“

Paris city hall 18 district

    -     Public officer

“We appreciated the quality and the tailor made program offer by Rising up. Our clients, Canal + & Learn Assembly have learn so much during those workshop and want to renew it.”

Svenia Buisson

    -     CEO

“ Kids were really happy to discover those interesting workshop about knowing better ourself. We never had that much questions.”

Sharon Stofer

    -     CEO

“ Interactive Workshop with online tools for 50 persons totally adapted to our needs.”

Perrine Flouret

    -     Pedagogical Director

“ We appreciated the method, the interactivity of Rising up workshop adapted to our students. They really like this training class.”

Juliette Spaak

    -     Training Manager

“Thanks to Rising up we had the opportunity to have a strong knowledge in pedagogy but also in field experience thanks to their experts.”

Creteil Academy

    -     Martin Luther King High School

“An amazing program to our students in cognitives sciences showing them how scientific researchs can have a strong impact in real life.”

Alejandrina Cristia

    -     CRNS at Ecole Normal supérieure

“We loved Rising up workshop in Lyon. It helped us to have a better understanding of our learning method. We can't wait to continue this collaboration !”

Thomas D.Misslin

    -     Corporate solution Manager,EMLyon teacher


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