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Educationnal tools development for Milan Press.

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The Challenge

Created in 1990, Milan press is the 8th editor in youth edition in France. With more than 2 million of books sold per year Milan press employed 300 employees.

Head of Editorial-Milan Press asked for our support to use the strong and powerfull neuroscientific keys to enhance infant developpment. The main objective was to deliver a scientific and strategic plan and guidelines to their team in order to improve their educational tools. We elaborated workshops but we are also creating with them new kind of tools based on the last researches in neurosciences and applied to specific learning situation.

Our solutions


Audit & Understanding of the issues of Milan press editor

Our expert team analyse all explicite and emplicite elements in order to find the main issues which need to be improve in order of priority.


Creation of support program tailored made.

Our experts team has created a specific plan of action. All our programs are deliver with a impactfull method allowing to track and analyse results.


Workshops & Scientific and pedagogical support

During this support program, their employees are trained through small worskshop. We are also working on content but also the edition of particular tools. We are still working on it.

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The first results

Early chilhood

magazine petite enfance

Language acquisition: What is happening inside our brain

How babies learn? This question is crucial in our work with Milan press edition for supporting their writters on their educational tools for infants. Nawal ABBOUB,Chief Science Officer @Rising up and PhD in cognitive neuroscience docteure worked during many years on understanding the complex mecanism of learning in order to reaveal its secrets.

In this interview, Nawal Abboub PhD give us some key to understanding learning by using her strong experience of extracting neurosciences researches in the real world.

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