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Groupe Michelin

Soft skills program tailored-made for each department of Michelin Factory at Cholet

The Results

The Challenge

Our Solutions

Trained employees


The results

The results


say that they have a better management of their attention in their daily life.


have the feeling to be more concentrate


have enhance their metacognition on their attention

*2 months results after workshops

The Challenge

Michelin is the world leading tire manufacturer with more than 114 000 employees in 170 countries. The evolution of professional activities and new technologies have creating new habits and new form of working.sages.

Cholet factory is one the biggest factory in Europe with an important growth of employees (around 1400) Michelin decided to help its employees by understanding individuals and collectives issues generated by this change.

Factory director asked us to create soft skills programs tailored-made for each department. The main objectif was to enhance skills development through onsite workshops. Our tools allowed us to track and analyse each individuals but also each group.

Our solutions


Audit & Understanding of the issues of Michelin Factory of Cholet

Our expert team analyse all explicite and emplicite elements in order to find the main issues which need to be improve in order of priority.


Creation of programs tailored made to support transition

After that our scientific expert developed tailored made program adapted to different employee's profile of the factory (worker, manager, top manager).All our program are delivered with an impacting and effective approach allowing to track and analyse the results.


Guides pratiques & Suivi collectif et individuel

After this program, their employees were able to be aware of their individual and collective results thanks to our tracking tools. They still have access to their guidelines and can benefit, on demand, of knowledge updates, day to day keys.

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