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Innovation Program tailored-made for transdisciplinary employee of Lab’ Mass Transit employees of Lab’ Mass Transit.

The Results

The Challenge

Our Solutions

Trained employees


The results

The results


say that these workshop make them want to be more usefull for their team


say that they learn how to develop new skills


say that they learn how to be more aware of their expertise

*2 months results after workshops

The Challenge

Transilien activity is about managing trains in IDF region. SNCF is developping innovation through a lab called « Mass Transit Lab’» in order to offer cutting edge technologies to their users who suffer from daily issues (Hight attendence at station, increase of customers,...).

The lab has to create and develop innovative projects but also share a powerfull innovative culture inside SNCF, by creating for instance young executive officer network.

Mass transit Lab Director ask us to develop a program based on innovation culture. The main objectif was to boost innovation potential of the lab in order to hightlight expertise by creating tailored-made tools for day to day.

Our solutions


Audit & Understanding of the issues of the Mass Transit Lab

Our expert team analyse all explicite and emplicite elements in order to find the main issues which need to be improve in order of priority.


Creation of a program tailored made to support transition

After that our scientific expert developed tailored made program adapted to different employee's profile. (designer, developper, researcher, ..). All our program are delivered with an impacting and effective approach allowing to track and analyse the results.


Guidelines & Indvidual and Collective follow up

After this program, their employees were able to be aware of their individual and collective results thanks to our tracking tools. They still have access to their guidelines and can benefit, on demand, of knowledge updates, day to day keys.

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